Fivem Weapon – Gun Package Description
HQ Model & Optimized Textures

Addon Weapon

Custom Attachments (Extended, Scope, Grip, Suppresor)

Unlocked .meta Files In Order to customize the recoil of the weapon
This Fivem Gun includes :

1] Weapon with .meta unlocked in Order to Customize the Recoil to your liking

2] One Folder Called Extra_Files That Contains an ESX & QB-Core Config In Order For the Attachments To Work

3] One Photo of The Weapon (Resolution Of: 400×200) In Order to Use it In Your Inventory
We are using the FiveM asset escrow system to protect sensitive files. You can read more about escrow system here (

The purchase of this Fivem Asset is done through Tebex, an official partener of fivem. After The purchase you’ll have access to download the files from the keymaster > Purchased assets tab.



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